About Us

Who We Are

Pylon – /py·lon/ n. A gateway, a pillar, a structure outside an aircraft for supporting something, such as an engine.

As our namesake suggests, we in Pylon Online Solutions are your pillars of support.  No matter how small or big your company is — even if you are the newest face in town, we will bring the world market to you.  All these we will do with the aim to help you grow the simplest way possible.

After all, business need not be convoluted.

Our Story

It began with a diaspora.

Pretzel was a fresh graduate — full of potential, filled with hope, and raring to practice the things she gained from studying in Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT).  After some time of looking for a job, she found herself in Cebu City, working in a BPO company — away from family, from friends, and from her hometown.

Pretzel is not the only one.

Thousands of tech-savvy, highly-trained, and professional Iliganons and young professionals from neighboring towns are forced to get out of Iligan and work in faraway places because of the lack of job opportunities.  With Iligan’s negative image due to past financial crises, not many BPO companies and investors have known about Iligan’s true potential and its populace’s exemplary abilities.

It is high time that Pylon Online Solutions change the image and bring its residents back home — after all, we’re here as pillars and gateways of support.

Kresta, on the other hand, is a highly skilled Virtual Assistant who had been working online for 8 years. She just came back to Iligan after years of staying in Davao. With her experience in the freelancing industry, she felt that it is time to return to her city of birth and share what she had learned.  Together with Pretzel, she met with Othelo and his wife to lay the foundations of Pylon Online Solutions.

Thus Pylon Online Solutions was born.  Pylon Online Solutions coincidentally shares a similar framework to that of SITIO Iligan, a subsidiary of Social Innovation Through Impact Outsourcing (SITIO), the brainchild of Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue.

Pylon Online Solutions aims to create concrete answers in creating jobs in Iligan that will empower not only the locals, but also those from geographically disadvantaged, marginalized, and depressed areas as well; the actualization of a dream shared by four partners — the dream to provide job opportunities for the locals and help foster Iligan City’s economic growth.

Our Founding

Call it serendipity. Three people with a common dream and aspirations came together during their 2018 annual high school reunion.

The seeds of Pylon Online Solutions were sowed as early as the high school days of Othelo Adiong and two of his then-batchmates, now veteran Virtual Assistant Kresta Jhoanna Lyn Alvarado and seasoned online freelancer Pretzel Miso.  Othelo was raised in a family of traditional business people. As a  BS Computer Science graduate, he programmed a system that turned his family business around.

Alongside Othelo is his wife,Stephanie, a corporate psychologist and human resource officer.  Together, they elevated their family business through their perfectly matched skill sets. When Othelo’s Lomex branched out in 2006, she managed Tireshoppe, which started to rival Lomex in sales.

The team of four, however, wanted to go further — they wanted to maximize the use of the latest online and BPO trends.  Yvette Marie Sabellona, a veteran freelancer with top-notch skills and training in Digital Marketing, was welcomed on-board to spearhead the Creatives Team.

Hence, the birth of Pylon Online Solutions – Iligan’s first ever BPO company that will bring jobs to citizens of Iligan and Lanao del Norte, as well as poverty-stricken armed conflict areas nearby, bringing quality back office, virtual assistant, and customer care services to the world.

Our Mission

To make our clients’ businesses simplified through professional, helpful, creative, quality results-driven, and genuine ways in excellent customer care and client-tailored online services.

Our Mission is what drives us to perform — to become pillars of our clients and their businesses, as well as gateways between the online community and businesses throughout the world.  It is our blueprint as a company; it is the very essence that makes us consistently do endless research and read online trends while maintaining our relationships with business owners, regardless of their size.  It is the very fire that dares us to ignite the mind, inspire the spirit and penetrate the heart of consumers all across the globe.

Pylon Building

Our Core Values

Pylon has six core values that are more than just buzzwords. They’re at the center of our office culture and drive our daily work.


We believe in incorporating creativity into our efforts to bring about a positive change to the system.


We strategically carry out tasks to conserve our resources, all the while maximizing our productivity.


Consumer trust is very important to us. We continuously work hard to establish and maintain trust from our clients, old and new.


Making excellence a habit is something that our company values, and this, in turn, contributes to overall efficiency.


We place importance in consistently delivering top-quality outputs to maintain consumer trust in our brand.


We dedicate ourselves to giving our clients the best deliverables to help them grow their business.

Let us be your partner in growing your business.

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